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Let Donovan Lord Home's 100% essential oil and soy candles light your fire.

Candles are more than 5000 years old and even with electricity, we still use them today to invigorate, relax, freshen up or even as an aphrodisiac. 

Donovan Lord Home's collection of paraffin free, soy-based aromatherapeutic candles are individually hand poured and use all natural essential oil fragrances. 

We use 100% essential oils, not synthetic "fragrance oils" which most candles contain and which often contain toxic ingredients. 

Our candles are unlike any you've ever experienced.  Each candle not only has a pleasing scent, but each candle has an aromatherapeutic purpose.

100% Soy Wax
Hand Poured In Dallas
Pure Undiluted Essential Oils
Geodesic Ceramic Container
Healing Properties
Stress Relieving Scents
80 - 100 Hour Burn Rates
Ceramic and Glass Containers
Pthalate & Parrafin Free


 My love affair with candles and aromatherapy began in 2000 when I was merely 25 and worked as an everyman (from product development to human resources to graphic design to spa management) for a Dallas
McKinney Avenue day spa. The proprietor had a small line of candles that she sold to clients and I discovered the healing and therapeutic effects that essential oils and aromatherapy could have on a person.

We were afforded as many candles as we wanted and I would burn through one every 2 weeks. I discovered that I was calmer, more open and more energized depending upon which candle I would burn. After leaving that position, I began my own business and ultimately became a Master of Architecture, Interior Designer, Furniture Designer and Real Estate Broker and Investor. Needless to say, these days I certainly have a need to unwind and relax and I rediscovered my love of aromatherapy.

This lead me to create my own line of aromatherapeutic candles made from the purest essential oils and soy based wax. I knew if this line were to reprsent me, since, after all it bears my name, it had to be the best,which is what I demand of myself.

All of my candles are hand poured in Dallas, Texas (some even by me!), the 22 oz candles include an understated and sophisticated dodecahedron ceramic container that, when the candle is burned out, can be used as a bud vase or just for decoration. Each of the larger candles feature a large wood wick which will create not only a pleasing crackling sound, much like that of a small fire in the fireplace, but also helps to ensure a good burn and wax pool for less chance of pooling. Because we use only pure essential oils and not fragrance oils or parrafin wax like most candlemakers (even some of the largest retailers of candles) which often contain carcinogens which are cancer-causing agents, our candles burn clean and won't slowly kill you!

You can find the candle to light your fire for a functional need (relaxation, inspiration, or aphrodisiac), in our signature 22 oz container, or in votives, pillers, tea lights or diffuser oil. I guarantee you'll begin to love the
healing properties of our candles and they might even spark inspiration for the next great novel, rekindle the flame of passion in your relationship or help start it in a new one, or simply to relax and unwind from the stressful existence that is life.

Enjoy your Donovan Lord candle experience, and let me know what you think!