Stainless Steel Candle Lighter

SKU: CM-5810

$ 40


The Carl Mertens Stainless Steel Lighter provides an uninterrupted flame for lighting fires or candles and adds a note of elegance with its elongated design. The Stainless Steel Lighter is shipped without fluid. The Lighter is manufactured by German housewares company Carl Mertens and offered in the US by Ameico.
Based in Solingen, Germany, Carl Mertens has been a maker of fine stainless steel cutlery and home accessories for decades. Originally founded in 1919 as a grinding shop for pocket knife blades, Carl Mertens now brings its sense of traditional craftsmanship and need for high quality to its line of contemporary designer flatware and serving utensils.

The Stainless Steel Lighter is available with the following:

  • Satin Stainless Steel
  • Shipped without fluid
  • Manufactured by Carl Mertens

  • Options:
  • Size: Small, Large

  • Dimensions:
  • Large Item: Length 14"
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