Mid Century Modern Furniture

Mid Century Modern furniture is more than 60 years past its introduction onto the world stage of home furnishings yet it still captivates and seduces a great many of us in 2016!

Why is Mid Century Modern furniture so popular so many years later?  The answer is the design, attention to detail, and designing for both form and function through ergonomics as well as art.

While many furnishings have good design, very few have great design the way that most Mid Century modern furniture has.

Is Mid-Century Modern over?  In my opinion,  Mid-Century Modern will never go out of style completely because there has never been furniture more well-designed for form and function and style before it or after it. It's not just another style like Victorian or Art Deco - it's a mindset and a desire to maximize both ergonomics and design.

I will always love MCM, and until something comes along that is better why wouldn't I?