The Soul of Your Home

Donovan Lord Home provides you with free interior design of your room with $5000 in purchases within one calendar year. Even if the pieces aren't all for the same room and even if all the pieces you use in the room aren't from DLH, we will still design your entire room, FREE!

I always have said that,

"Architecture is the bones of a home but how it is furnished, is its soul." 

A home without any furniture obviously would not only be inhabitable but undesirable. As humans we are sentient beings and we needs not just a place to sleep and eat but an inviting and warm environment that envelops us with our own sense of style and expression.  

We want your home to be not only a beautiful and inviting space but one that makes a statement, about who and what you are about.  The interior of your home is merely a reflection of who you are and shouldn't it represent you accurately?  

If you love modern design, Donovan Lord Home provides you with everything you need to furnish your home and we are adding more products every month. 

Feed the soul of your home, don't neglect it!  You spend at least 50% of your time in your home, shouldn't it be a place you want to spend your time in?