Donovan Lord Home offers FREE to our buyers who spend over $2,000 in a single transaction or a total of $5,000 in a year, professional interior design consultants utilizing our collection of modern furnishings and accessories along with an extensive selection of fabrics and leathers, color palettes, and a vast library of resources to turn your dreams into reality - on your schedule and budget. Contact us at and ask to set up your free design consultation!


Customer Profile - A design consultant will complete an interview to create a client profile detailing special interests, preferences as they relate to color, texture, pattern and style and any other information pertinent to the successful completion of the project.

Furniture Plan - A design consultant will provide a floor plan and furniture layout of the project to ensure a proper fit of all furnishings and the correct placement of lighting. The customer will have an opportunity to review the cohesive design plan with the design consultant before final approval.

Project Budget - A project budget will be developed that includes the items outlined in the approved furniture plan and/or specific items agreed upon by the customer.

Selection of Furnishings - Upon the approval of the furniture plan and project budget, the design consultant will select furniture, fabrics, lighting, artwork and accessories to execute the design and create a cohesive space. 

Fees for these services vary depending on the scope of each project.  For more information please contact us.