SKU: OTT-YJ-005-060

$ 1,372

Extra Seating and Comfort for Your Space. Looking to add extra seating and comfort to your living space? Look no further than our Medium Grey Ottoman. This versatile piece is designed to enhance your seating experience, providing soft-yet-supportive cushioning that holds its shape beautifully. Spills are no longer a cause for stress, as the ottoman's durable and stain-resistant fabric ensures easy cleanup. Embrace worry-free living and enjoy the convenience of a low-maintenance piece. Crafted with LiveLife™ performance fabric, this ottoman boasts a beautiful linen blend with a naturally textured look and feel. Its signature fabric is not only family-friendly but also breathable, moisture-repellent, and stain-resistant, offering long-lasting barrier protection for years to come. We take pride in our environmentally conscious approach. The production of LiveLife™ fabric is 40 times less bioaccumulative than Scotchgard, making it a sustainable choice. Additionally, the fabric breaks down in landfills, reducing environmental impact without compromising on performance. Caring for your ottoman is a breeze. Simply soak up spills with a paper towel, and for tougher stains, wash with mild soap and water. The cushion covers can be easily maintained by either dry cleaning or machine washing in a cold, gentle cycle. Designed to complement our regular-sized modular pieces, this ottoman can also shine on its own, effortlessly elevating the style and functionality of any room. Product Details: Color: Medium Grey for a contemporary touch Soft-yet-supportive cushion for enhanced comfort Durable, stain-resistant fabric for worry-free living LiveLife™ performance fabric with a naturally textured look and feel Breathable, moisture-repellent, and stain-resistant properties for long-lasting barrier protection Environmentally conscious production, 40 times less bioaccumulative than Scotchgard Fabric breaks down in landfills for reduced environmental impact Embrace the comfort and style of our Medium Grey Ottoman. Create the perfect seating arrangement and make your space a haven of relaxation. Order now and experience the convenience and luxury of this versatile piece.

  • Overall Aesthetic: The Medium Grey Ottoman showcases a modern and chic design, seamlessly blending into any interior setting, adding a touch of contemporary elegance.
  • Enhance Your Home: Experience the convenience of additional seating and enhanced comfort, making it perfect for accommodating guests and providing a cozy spot for relaxation.
  • Quality Material: Crafted with high-quality LiveLife™ performance fabric, a luxurious linen blend that offers a naturally textured appearance, elevating the style of your living space.
  • Durable Fabric: LiveLife™ fabric ensures a family-friendly and durable ottoman, as it is breathable, moisture-repellent, and stain-resistant, safeguarding against spills and stains, adding both comfort and functionality.
  • Care and Cleaning: Maintenance is simple and stress-free. Swiftly soak up spills with a paper towel and, for tougher stains, wash with mild soap and water. The cushion covers are easily taken care of, either through dry cleaning or machine washing in a cold, gentle cycle, ensuring lasting beauty and hygiene for years to come.13

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